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Reception Admissions

Applying for a Reception place for September 2024

How to apply

Children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 are due to start primary school in September 2024. You can apply from 1 November 2023. The deadline to apply is 15 January 2024.

Please click on the link below which will take you to the site to apply for Reception place for your child starting in September 2024: 

Click here to apply for your child to start Primary school September 2024!

Please note: - Attending our nursery does not guarantee your child a place in our Reception.

When you’ll find out

We offer primary school places on 16 April 2024 (offer day). If you applied through our online application portal we'll email you with your child's offer. We'll send the email during the working day.

If you applied in any other way, you'll receive an offer letter to your registered home address (a few days after offer day).

Get help with your application

For further information or help with your application, contact Leeds Admissions via the following:

Phone: 0113 222 4414   



Application Timeline

Mid Year Reception Admissions (moving schools)

How to apply to Rosebank

If you are moving to Leeds or moving schools mid way through the school year and looking for a place for your child in our Reception class, please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

You can do this by phoning or emailing Rosebank via our contact details:

Tel: 0113 243 3497


Appointments take place every Monday for your child to then start on the Friday of that week (nursery start dates may differ).  Please bring the original or your child's birth certificate or passport to the meeting and also the completed admission form.  Admission forms can be found below:

Admission form - Reception to Year 6Collecting your child form (all year groups)Leeds Admissions form (please also send to Rosebank)

Find out more - 

You can find out further information about what you need to do if you're moving to Leeds or want to change schools in Leeds, by phoning Leeds Admissions Tel: 0113 222 4414 or clicking on the link below to visit the website:

Moving schools - visit the website for how to apply

Also find out further information about Rosebank's Admission policy in the documents below:

Rosebank Admissions Policy 2023 - 2024  Rosebank Admissions Policy 2024 - 2025