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Children's mental wellbeing

 Night OWLS - crisis support line

If your child is in a crisis, contact "Night Owls".  Night Owls is a confidential support line for children, young people, their parents/carers.

Available 8pm - 8am every day across West Yorkshire.

Free phone: 0300 2003900   Text: 07984 392700

Or click here to talk online.

Night OWLS can help if a child or young person is in crisis, feeling angry, lonely, anxious or depressed or simple just wanting to talk.Click here for the flyer with full details

For more details, visit the Night OWLS website

   My child is feeling anxious

Information from our Child Psychotherapist on "How to recognise when your child is feeling anxious"Calm Down with "Take 5 Breathing Exercise" 

Good Days in Unusual Times

The book "Good days in unusual times" by Anne-Mette Lange, gives tips and ideas for children to stay happy during the lockdown.  It includes things such as:

Making a plan to help structure the day

Eating healthy meals

Making a list of fun ideas

Learning a new skill from home

Click here for the "Good Days in Unusual Times" illustrated book

Emotion Wheel

Make an Emotion Wheel to help all the family express how they are feeling through the use of pictures.  Click on the link below to find out more.

Click here for the full "Emotion Wheel"

Sentence Starters

Sentence Starters can be useful prompts for children who are struggling to order their thinking or express the way they are feeling.  Use the sentence starters below to communicate verbally or to write down thoughts and feelings.

Click here for the PDF version of "Sentence Starters"  

Emotional Check-In

This resource can be used to help conversations with your child to find out their current emotions and identify what helps them to feel happy and calm.

Click here for the full "Emotional Check-In" document

Tips from the National Autistic Society

Children communicate their emotions in different ways and this may be non verbal.  The "Coronavirus: Top Tips" link below will take you to online resources to help support your child with unexpected changes.Click here for "Coronavirus: Top Tips from the National Autistic Society"

Below are some further links for more information on coronavirus and autism:"Online Community" to share experiences on autism during lockdown 

Looking after mental wellbeing during Covid

Click on the link below for resources aimed at starting valuable conversations with your children and young people to provide tools to maintain wellbeing at a time of concern and anxiety for many families.

Resources on national advice, positive mental health, physical activity & healthy eating, supporting children with SEND and home learning 

 "My Hero is You" Story Book

WHO have released a story book aimed at children aged 6-11 years to help them understand and cope with COVID-19. It explains how we can protect each other and how children can manage difficult emotions. Click on the picture to read the story:

This book has been widely translated into different languages including Arabic, Urdu, Chinese, Kurdish, Turkish, Tigrinya and more. Follow the link to find all translations:

"My Hero is You" story book translated into over 30 languages