Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"

Creative Activities 

Drawing Project

Mrs Rehal has been working on a sketching project. Could you try and do the same by drawing objects that you have found in your home or outside?

   The Art Shape Game  

Why not have a go at the "Art Shape" game with your family or by yourself. All you will need is paper and felt tip pens/coloured pencils.

How to play:

1.) Draw a shape on your piece of paper - this can be irregular.

2.) Pass your shape to a partner or keep your own if you are playing by yourself.

3.) Add to your shape different features, marks and shapes until you're happy with it.

4.) Complete your picture using different colours. The ideas are endless. Have fun!!

Send any pictures to the school email address and show us your creativity!

Mrs Rehal's Creative Colouring

Mrs Rehal has enjoyed creating artwork using bold and vibrant colours.  Why not try creating your own designs using felt tip pens or coloured pencils. 

   Kitchen Roll Magic Drawing

Watch Miss Wyman's demo below to find out how to create a magic drawing by simply using kitchen roll..Other materials you will need are:


Recycle your rubbish into artwork!

Mr Howitt and his family have been making works of art and things to play with out of their cereal boxes and milk cartons that they would normally throw away!

Scratch Coding

Have a go at some Coding using "Scratch" while you're at home. You will be able to create your own interactive stories, animations and games. Miss Routh had a go at animating her own sprite and also coding a cartoon. Have a look below!!


 Instructions on how to use "Scratch"Click here to log into "Scratch"

 What coding can you create using Scratch? Email your examples (pictures, links, videos) to Miss Routh, she would love to see them!

Origami Animals

Take a look at Miss Mosquito's origami creation and find out how to make your very own origami animal by clicking on the link below. If you only have white paper at home, why not try adding colour or patterns with pencils?

Click here to learn how to make an origami animal 

Make your own art supplies!

Click on the links below for great arty recipes from Mrs Ireland - make sure you also watch her YouTube video in the 'Secure Area' for a demo!

Homemade paint

Homemade salt dough

Homemade play dough

Doodle Arm - a calm and relaxing way to do art

Doodle arm image from Gomersal Primary

To create your own "doodle arm", click on the link below for Miss Wyman's instructions and send her your pictures by emailing them to - she can't wait to see your fantastic artwork! 

Click here for instructions on how to create your own doodle arm  

      Art activities from The National Gallery 

Icons made by Freepik from