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Music Fun!


"Silver and Gold" with Mr Jennings

Follow the rhythm with Mr Jenning's to the song "Silver and Gold". If you don't have chimes bars at home then singing along is just as fun!

Click here for the lyrics/words to the "Silver and Gold" song

If you are joining in with the chimes notes, here's what you need to do:

The Silver Family use the notes D/F/A and they will be played ONCE when you sing the word 'Silver' in the song.

The Gold Family use the notes C/E/G and they will be played ONCE when you sing the word 'Gold' in the song.

"Shabooya!"..with Mr Jennings for KS1 & KS2

Sing-a-long with Mr Jennings' "Shabooya" song in his video below. The rhyme is split into year groups for 1 to 6, so anyone can join in!

Click here for lyrics/words with the backing music to sing-a-long!

"Coca Cola went to town"..with Mr Jennings for Year 1 & 2!

Mr Jennings is our Artforms music tutor who comes into school once a week to run exciting workshops with all year groups.

His video below includes a medley of songs that Year 1 and 2 have done before in their music lessons. Also click on the "Lyrics" link for the words to sing-a-long and clap to the beat! 

Lyrics to Mr Jenning's "Medley of Songs" 

Body Beats

No instruments at home?  Do not worry, Ollie Tunmer's "Body Beats" shows you how to create rhythm using just your body!  Join in with his first daily session.

Click here to follow Ollie Tunmer's "Body Beats" daily workshops


Pots & pans at the ready to join in with "Percussion Play-Along Playlists" with the "Musication". 

Click here to find more "Percussion Play-Along Playlists"

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