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Rosebank Primary School 

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Thursday 9th February 2017 

Hi Alice,

WOW! Those guys were SO good in assembly. I felt immensely proud of them all - they really were fab. I honestly was a little anxious when I knew what the theme was - could I do it? Would I be able to come up with enough things around Mental Health to engage the children? Etc. etc. But watching them today, seeing their excitement through the week, it's just been lovely. And thank you once more to you for organising everything, to the office for looking after me so well (especially helping me park and avoiding the extortionate costs of the car park, not to mention ordering me lunches every day), and to all the children for being fab.

Yours is a truly special school and I love visiting.

Please pass on all my thanks to the staff, who are fab (as you'll know!), and sorry I dashed off - I wanted to beat the crowds!

Have a great half term and I hope that all of your chilldren flourish in their SATS.

Until next year...