Rosebank Primary School

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Nursery & Reception

Is your child starting in our 2 or 3 year old Nursery in September? 

Are they starting in our Reception class?

Here you will find useful information about what to expect when your child starts and how you can prepare. 

Top Tips on How to Prepare your Child for Nursery & Reception 

Click on the pictures below to read about how you can prepare you child for starting in our Nursery and Reception in September.

Nursery Top Tips

Reception Top Tips

  Welcome to Our Nursery 

Our Nursery is made up of the 2 year old "Bayley" and 3 year old "Biles". Click on the links below to find out what your child can expect when they join our Nursery in September.

 Nursery Starter Information

Information is being updated so some links are inactive.

Please check back soon. 

 Welcome to Our Reception Class

We have two Reception classes called "Nemati" and "Sindhu". Click on the links below to find out what your child can expect when they join our Reception class in September.

    The Reception curriculum & areas of learning  Reception daily routine, school uniform, PE/sports kit & book bags

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