Rosebank Primary School

"We are all friends and together we succeed"


Reading is important for so many reasons. Here are some of the reasons we think you should read every day:

  • It's fun
  • You can learn new information
  • You can escape to an imaginary world
  • You can learn new words
  • It helps you sleep
  • It helps you with all your learning in every subject
  • You can read signs and information all around you
  • It helps with your writing skills

 Book Bingo!



There is a Land - By Leland B. Jacobs

When You Can Read - By Bobbi Katz

There is a land –

A marvelous land –

Where trolls and giants dwell;

Where witches

With their bitter brew

Can cast a magic spell;

Where mermaids sing,

Where carpets fly,

Where, in the midst of night,

Brownies dance

To cricket tunes;

And ghosts, all shivery and white,

Prowl and moan.

There is a land

Of magic folks and deeds,

And anyone

Can visit there

Who reads and reads and reads.

When You Can Read By Bobbi Katz


When you can read, then you can go

from Kalamazoo to Idaho –

Or read directions that explain

just how to build a model plane –

Or bake a cake or cook a stew –

The words will tell you what to do!

When you can read, then you can play

a brand new game the proper way –

Or get a letter from a friend

and read it . . . to the very end!