Rosebank Primary School

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Writing Whizz

Can you write an 'Acrostic Poem'?

'My Lockdown Word Search' by Ms Zaman


Ms Zaman's Letters Game

Mrs Zaman has been playing the letters game with her family.

First you need to draw a grid with different headings such as "country, city, boys name, girls name, fruit or vegetable and colour". Then choose any letter of the alphabet and you have 30 seconds to fill in the grid with things that begin with the chosen letter! Compare your answers and allocate scores.


Creating a Vision Board

Miss Smith in Jaguars has created her now "Vision Board" below.

Find out what a Vision Board is and how to make your own

Inspirational Daily Picture

Children can visit Pobble 365 website where each day brings a new picture to think about and discuss at home with your family.

There are also some challenges to complete such as; question time, perfect picture, story starter and sick sentences! 

Click here for your daily picture and use it to prompt your reading and writing ideas



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